Save Money
and the Environment

Asema helps you spend less electricity and reduce your electricity bill easily, conveniently and without disrupting your daily routines.

The Asema system makes your home intelligent. The way you live at home will remain the same, but with Asema it will be greener and cheaper.

The Asema E energy saver will make sure you are no longer wasting electricity. Turn off all your lights and appliances with one push of a button when you leave the house. Automate your home so that it only uses electricity when necessary. Track your electricity usage real-time on Remote control your house from your phone or tablet.

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  • Save energy and money
  • Turn off all your lights & appliances with one touch
  • Track how much electricity you use, and how you use it
  • Remote control the house from your phone or tablet
  • Automate your home for maximum comfort

The Asema system makes the office more energy-efficient, reduces operational costs and enables truly remote management.

By installing the Asema system into your office, you will get key information about how your office is using electricity. The automation features of Asema will help you easily implement saving measures. By connecting the system to your office WiFi you can monitor and manage the office from anywhere in the world.

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  • Reduce the electricity bill and operational costs
  • Automate the office for more efficiency
  • Shut down all appliances on standby
  • Remote office management
  • Make your office green

Designed to fit in a remote metering infrastructure

The Asema E fits perfectly into a modern Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Our system combines a Remote Metering Interface (gateway), real-time monitoring of electricity consumption (in-home display), and relay or load control. We work closely with manufacturers of smart electricity meters, to ensure that the system can be easily integrated in the home to profit from all possibilities and services of the new Smart Grid.

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  • compatible with any electricity meter, smart and "dumb"
  • easy and flexible integration with utility back end systems
  • low cost of ownership by combining gateway, in-home-display and load control
  • enables an efficient demand response strategy
  • optimized to work with market-priced electricity



  • Asema E


  • Asema S1
  • Asema S2
  • Asema S3

Meters & Adapters

Meters & Adapters
  • Asema A1
  • Asema M1
  • Asema M2


  • Webservice
  • Screenlets