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Municipalities and cities are under the pressure to address major environmental issues such as climate change, air pollution, and plastic recycling at an increasing pace. At the same time they need to balance between what works and what is socially acceptable and justifiable.

Adaptive pricing with IoT is a technology that can engage private sector firms and public sector organizations to participate in supporting smart infrastructure and environmental initiatives in a meaningful way.

Features offered by Asema in this task include

  • Adaptive pricing models for road toll areas, parking charging and public transportation
  • Resource use visualization, including traffic and congestion analysis
  • Sensor integration and open data interfaces

Learn more about ADAPT here.

The sharing economy and sales of goods with prices that reflect the amount of inventory are the primary tools for ensuring the efficient use of resources and prevention of waste.

IoT monitoring makes it possible to engage in these activities with low overhead and assurance that goods do not get stolen or misused.

Features offered by Asema in this task include

  • Geotracking of shared resources
  • Dynamic prices that can be bound to location, time, amout of use
  • Hardware integration of tracking equipment, locks and similar measures

The Smart Grid is the collection of technologies needed to use energy networks more efficiently. Remote metering, peer-to-peer energy exchanges, and energy use balancing between locally generated and grid supply are some of the main concepts in this field.

Energy has for decades been at the forefront of using various pricing schemes that balance the network use. From energy trading to tariff pricing, operating on market prices is at the core of energy supply.

Features offered by Asema in this task include

  • Adaptive tariff pricing models
  • Energy metering compatibility
  • Dynamic remote control of energy loads

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Rework, waste and suboptimal resourcing are not only a burden on the environment but also a burden on the bottom line. Modern IoT from Asema helps turning industrial hassle into automated processes.

Features offered by Asema in this task include

  • Remote management and maintenance of equipment and premises
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Automatic trading of components, electricity, heat, and other production resources

Learn more about MANAGE here.

Not everything works out of the box nor is every product concept the same. Asema's solutions build on open API's, customizable software expansions, customizable end user apps, and custom application logic.

All the software we use for making our solutions is available as software kits for custom development. Our Asema IoT sofware kits make IoT solution development fast and efficient. Download a demo kit and try it yourself for proof.

Features offered by Asema for IoT development

  • IoT softeware toolkits
  • Customizable hardware platforms
  • Consulting and support

Learn more about Asema's IoT tech here.

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Asema Electronics

Asema Electronics is a specialist in Internet of Things connectivity, data collection and data management for demanding industries. We are experts in green connectivity for the physical world. The major aim of of our solutions is the coordination and automation of resources in a fashion that reduces consumption and inefficiencies.

We produce both sensoring hardware and software for the so called Internet of Things and produce data analysis services for our clients. As a result we are a unique one-top-shop for demanding customers who require a coherent understanding of the demands of IoT from the very low level hardware functionality in sensors and controls to high level data management, knowledge sharing, and business logic.

Asema Consulting

Asema Consulting is the sister company of Asema Electronics that helps customers in the planning of business operations in a way that links the technical advancements and possibilities to their operational processes.

From broad strategic concepts to the details of the bits in the networks, we know the whole value-chain of networked equipment. With expertise in computer networking, information security, big data, and electrical networks, Asema Consulting analyzes, budgets, designs, and organizes business operations needed for preventive maintenance, activity tracking, energy use optimization, real-estate management, and asset management.

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